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Help Topic: Client Rates

Client Rates are now supported within Tracker, allowing you to add a series of standard rates to a Client record.

This can be found in the Framework Terms block within the Layout Designer for the Client record Type:


These rates can be added, updated and re-ordered using the new Rate Card list.


Using Fixed Shift Job Rates

You can, if you wish, force the use of these Client Rates where they exist in the creation of Shift Jobs by setting the appropriate system setting.  Where no rates have been assigned in the Client record, the existing free-form creation of Shift Jobs and manual rate entry will be used.

To set this, go to Tools & Settings > Assignment Settings > Shift Settings


The effect of this is that the new Shift Job form will have read-only fields for:

  • Job Name
  • Pay Rate
  • Charge Rate

Instead, a drop down is provided to allow the selection of the role and rates which will be populated automatically:



Rate Card access in the Job

In addition to the creation of new Shift Jobs, if Client Rates have been defined then this allows users to acces them from within the Job record:


Selecting an items in this menu will apply both the Name of the Job and the default Pay and Charge Rates in the Values section of the Job record.


Rates Only Option

There is also the option to select only the rates and not affect the Job Name within the Values section:

This will affect on the Pay and Charge Rate fields and not update the Job Name.


Rate Card access in Placement

In addition to access to rates in the Job record, they can also be accessed in the Placement records within that Job:


These rates can be applied to both the Standard and Overtime rates and will auto-populate the relevant rate fields from the selected Client Rate.