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Help Topic: Adding a new Shift Job via the Client Portal

When "Shift Management" is active on your Tracker system, your Clients have the option to add new Shift Jobs directly from their Client Portal.

To access this they must first have access to Jobs in their Portal Settings:


This will present them with this option when they logon to the Client Portal, showing the number of Jobs currently Open:


Clicking into this option will show the Client all current open Jobs they have along with the option to add a New Job:


Clicking this will present them with the new Job form.  If the option to Fix Shift Jobs to Client Rate Cards is set to "Yes, only allow Shift Jobs from Client Rate Cards", and Client Rates have been defined in the Client record then they will also see a list of available predefined rates in this form:


This will allow predefined job titles and rates to be selected rather than typing in both the name of the role and the rate proposed.

The Location is also both free-type and contains a list of sites based on the address list within the Client record to save time.

The client can then complete the remaining fields, giving details of the dates, times and days of the week for the new Shift Job:


Once complete, they can click the Submit button to submit the Job to Tracker which will alert either the Contact Owner or Client Owner as defined in Tracker.

This will be both an onscreen alert and an email with the details of the new Shift Job submitted.

The new Shift Job will be visible immediately within both the main Jobs list, the Assignments list and the Shift Planner to process.


Onscreen Alert


Email Alert


Shift Planner