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Help Topic: Google for Jobs - What you need to know

How it works

With Jobs+ sites, we create everything Google needs in order to populate the Google jobs system with the client's jobs. When Google's robots look at a Jobs+ site they pick up on all the new jobs and click into them. Inside every Jobs+ job page, we insert special code which details to Google what the job is all about.

This includes titles, descriptions, locations, salary etc... 

I don't see a job?

It's impossible to guarantee every single Jobs+ job will end up on Google Jobs. As great as it would be we can't force Google to host any of our content, everything is at their discretion. There's a number of reasons why Google wouldn't just take every single job and place it on their system from abuse & spam to content that shouldn't be hosted on their jobs platform. 

You can see a full list of Googles content policies here -


Why do some jobs show?

As with everything Google does there's an element of 'SEO' involved with creating the jobs. This then comes down to the client's job content, and information they populate in Tracker.

As an example, a client might post 10 jobs and 2 of the 10 may be missing what Google deem as key data. E.g. location data, or salary information. These jobs are far less likely to be indexed onto the Google jobs system. 

 On the link above Google gives examples of jobs they are more likely to advertise. For example, Google state; 

Not recommended: Apply now for IT job -FRENCH speaker in Bucharest
Recommended: Market Specialist, French speaker

Not recommended: *** WAREHOUSE HIRING NOW!! ON A BUS ROUTE!! ***
Recommended: Shipping and Receiving Warehouse Associate

Common traps we've seen people fall into include;

  • Spammy titles
  • Poorly written and structured job descriptions

  • Not including some important information e.g location data

How often does this update?

Every website is slightly different but multiple times a day Google will check for changes and update Google jobs. You could find a job uploaded today is not added for a couple of days. While a job uploaded today could be added to the Google jobs system within the hour. It's worth noting when a Jobs+ site goes live it can take a couple of weeks for the site to settle and for Google to start indexing the jobs more often. 

Extra help and advice

We're in the realms of SEO here and clients who'd like to know more specifically about their individual job listings should seek an expert. The link above also contains lots of important information, sadly it's in amongst all of the technical bits as well.