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Help Topic: Linking Contacts to Multiple Clients

It is often the case that Contacts in Tracker work for multiple Clients in different capacities such and Non-Executive Directors or as Advisors etc.

There is a new Relationships record block available that allows you to manage these links and is available within both the Contact Layout and the Client Layout.


Adding a Relationship

Clicking the + button above the new Relationships list will popup the Relationship window where you can enter the detailed of the relationship, including the Job Title of their appointment, the Client Name (which can be searched and selected), the start and end dates of the appointment any any supporting notes:


This will update the list where you can have as many relationships as required:


Viewing the Relationships from the Client record

This new record block can also be added to the Client layout and allows you to easily see which Contacts are related to it from anywhere in Tracker:


This allows you to easily keep track of those Contacts who work directly for the Client along with those linked for other reasons.