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Help Topic: Custom Form Links in Templates

One of the most significant improvements to the Custom Forms, Custom Web Forms and Custom Form Packs function is the inclusion of Custom Form links within templates.

This will apply to:

  • Standard Email Templates
  • Sequence Step Templates

Custom Form Links allow users to add any Custom Form, Custom Web Form or Custom Form Pack tag within email templates that will in turn create and send a unique link to recipients for them to complete.

This removes the need to manually create Custom Form Links using the Send a Form option and then use the Save & Send option to email those links out to recipients individually, saving much time in sending forms for signature or onboarding forms for completion.


New Custom Form Link button

The new Custom Form Link button can be found in the standard template editor:


Inserting a new Custom Form Link

To insert a new Custom Form Link into your current template, first place the cursor where you wish to include it and click the above button.  This will present the list of Custom Forms, Custom Web Forms and Custom Form Packs that relate to the Association of the template in view.

Select the Custom Form, Web Form or Pack required and provide the Custom Link Title as this will be used as the name of the link that will be placed into the template and presented to the recipient.

Once selected and the link title set, click the Insert button to insert the new Custom Form Link into the template.  You will see a long template tag included that will tell Tracker the Form, Web Form or Pack to include and the title to use for the link:


Sending Custom Form Link Templates

Sending templates with Custom Form Links works in the same way as normal in that they can be seleted in the Email window as usual:

This will populate all the details for the recipient and fetch a new Custom Form Link which will be placed into the template:


This Custom Form will appear instantly in the Custom Form Sends section of the Collaboration page in Tools & Settings as would a normal Send a Form option when clicking the Prepare button.


Sending Custom Form Link Templates to Multiple Recipients

Because this is a template tag, multiple sends are also supported allowing you to send mutiple emails, each with unique Custom Form Links to multiple recipients.

When sending to multiple recipients you will see the existing option to Send as seperate personalized emails pre-selected and this should be kept as such:


You will also notice that as with other personalized template tags, the template tag remains in its original "tag" form.  This is because the tag will only be translated for each recipient at the point of sending rather than inside the email window as before: