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Help Topic: Placement Defaults

There is a new record block in the Layout Designer called Placement Defaults that allows for Job level defaults to be configured that can be applied to Placements within it without the need to configure Placements individually.

This new block is available in both the layouts for Jobs and Assignments allowing you to adjust the defaults in either record:


This presents in the Job record similar to the Placement Rates block within the Placement record, offering the ability to set Rates, Taxes and Burdens centrally at the Job level:

All tools and calculators are available in this page similar to that of the Placement record.


Applying Defaults to Placements

At any point in time, the Placement Defaults set in the Job record can be applied to Placements within it using the Update Placements Now button.  You may also select to which Placements these defaults will apply to which includes:

  • Only to Working - only working Placements (those with a status in the Working or Complete status group)
  • To Everyone Shortlisted - apply the defaults to all Placements regardless of Status

Individual Placement's details can still be amended independantly after applying defaults (e.g. changed rates or taxes/burdens) but will be superceeded should defaults be re-applied afterwards.