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Help Topic: Auto-Enrollment in Sequences

One of the major improvements to the Sequences feature is Auto-Enrollment.

Auto-Enrollment allows you to set rules based on data changing that will automatically assign a person to a Sequence and start that sequence without manually initiating it.

Existing Sequences can be enhanced to include Auto-Enrollment and sequences with rules applied for Auto-Enrollment can still be triggered manually if required.


Auto-Enrollment rules are broken down into 3 main groups:

  1. Historical Data
  2. Qualititve Data
  3. Real Data


Historical Data

Historical Data applied rules to the data based on timeframes, for example people not contacted in over a year, or not shortlisted in the last 3 months etc.  This is the first set of rules in the Automation Rules section.

Example for an onboarding sequence associated to a Placement:

This allows you to time bound the records based on their history within Tracker, only acting on people that meet specific historical criteria, for example a sequence to start every 6 months to contacts marked as a client that we've not spoken to, or a sequence to candidates that have not sent an updated resume in the last year.


Qualitative Data

Qualitative Data as the name suggests, looks at the quality of the data, for example where we have no resume on file or no ownership is assigned.  These rules asses data that is no "real" and useful when using sequences to clean data.

Example for an onboarding sequence associated to a Placement:


Real Data

Real Data concerns the Types and Statues etc within the record that are "real".  There is new logic within Tracker to watch for changes to any of these rules, triggering them and Auto-Enroling people onto the sequence at the point the field changes that match the rules defined.

These fields are the same as those available in templates so offer a comprehensive set of rules to the user.

Example for an onboarding sequence associated to a Placement:


These rules are multi-select so you can define one or more options to each that need to be satisfied in order that the sequence Auto-Enroll that person and trigger the starting of the sequence.


Cyclical Protection and Re-Enrollment

The Auto-Enrolment has cyclical protection so that no 2 rules will loop into one another.

For example:

  • Sequence 1 has a rule to set an "Active" Candidate Status to "Pre-Approved" when they reach 6 months with no updated resume
  • Sequence 2 has a rule that sends a re-registration form to "Pre-Approved" Candidates and sets the status back to "Active"

Sequence 1 may be triggered again by the fact that a new resume has not been received and yet the status is back to "Active".

Cyclical protection ensures that Sequence 1 is not re-triggered as it has already been triggered so although users need to be mindful of the processes they are automating, they will not inadvertently send looping sequences.

To allow for legitimate re-enrollment, there is a Prevent Re-Enrollment Within setting within the Automation Rules that allows you to set the period of time during which no single person will be re-enroled in that sequence should their details match the criteria for the Sequence Automation rules.

For example:

  • An auto Sequence is set to send onboarding details to Candidate's whenever their Status changes to "On Assignment"
  • As this "On Assignment" can be set by dragging Shortlist Cards, if this is done twice by mistake, the Candidate will be triggered twice unecessarily
  • If the Prevent Re-Enrollment Within is set to "1 Day(s)" then the Candidate will be triggered on the first change but will not be re-enroled into this Sequence until 1 day has passed, protecting then from receiving multiple sequence emails by mistake
  • This allows for them to still receive legitimate automated sequence emails for future placements whilst ensuring they are protected from receiving duplicate sequences for the same placement

This can be set to any period depending on the needs of the Sequence and configured at the top of the Automation Rules section:



The Sequence owner (or the Assigned By User if set) in the Automation Rules section of the Sequence will receive notification alerts when Auto-Enrollment rules are triggered.

For a single person, this will show the name of the sequence and the person enrolled:


For multiple records, this will show the number of records affected: