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Help Topic: Invoice Consolidation at Client or Candidate level

There are 2 new options available for the consolidations of Invoices from Timesheets:

  1. One Invoice Per Client
  2. One Invoice Per Client and Candidate

These options are available when generating Timesheets from the main Timesheet page:


These allow for different combinations of invoices to be generated based on the needs of clients and work as follows:

One Invoice per Assignment

Consolidation will be at the Assignment level so the Invoice will contains all Timesheets (and Expenses) for all Placements and Candidates working within that Assigment.

One Invoice per Placement

Consolidation will be at the Placement level so each Invoice will have only one Placement/Candidate per Assignment on each invoice.  This is the lowest level of consolidation as each Client/Assignment/Candidate combination will be on a seperate Invoice.

One Invoice per Client

Consolidation will be at the Client level so each Invoice will contain all Assignments, all Placements and therefore all Candidates on a single Invoice.  This is the highest level of consolidation as one invoice will essentially contains all Time at the Client level, regardless of the Assignment or Candidate to which that time relates.

One Invoice per Client and Candidate

Consolidation will be at the Client and then Candidate level so each Invoice may span multiple Assignments and Placements for each Candidate but only those relating to a single Client so one Invoice will be to one Client and one Candidate, but could have many Placements.