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Help Topic: Reporting Improvements (Reportopia)

Reportopia is our project name for improving the Custom Reporting within Tracker to offer simpler reporting views with more power to report across all data within Tracker.

The purpose of Reportpia was to:

  • Halve the number of report views from the original 120 down to a more concise 60
  • Provide clearer grouping of fields within the Report Views to make selecting column more logical
  • Provide custom field columns across all related recrd types within a single view
  • Provide more views covering more new features in Tracker into standard reporting


What will happen to my old reports?

Nothing.  All existing report views currently in use will be retained and no changes to existing reports will be made.  These report views will continue to be available for reporting purposes.


What will happend to the old unused Report Views?

Any Report Views not used currently will be removed and replaced with the new "Reportopia" views.


The new Reportopia Report View Groups

The new Reportopia Report Views are organized into new Report Groups to make them eaiser to find:


The new Reportopia Report Views

Expanding these group reveals the report views and the Reportopia views can be distinguished from the old report views by the preceeding (R):


Expanded Custom Field Access

Previously, the old report views were associated to a single record type (e.g. Jobs) meaning that only custom fields related to Jobs are available in the report view.

With the Reportopia report views, this has been extended so that all related record's custom fields are now also available.

For example, the "Jobs" report view has many fields related to Jobs, but is also link to the Company record as well as the Contact record (the main contact on the Job.

With Reportopia, custom fields for all three record types are available for you to report on:


In addition to being able to select any of these Custom Fields, filters can also be applied to these fields: