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Help Topic: Rolling Reports

Rolling Reports allows you to report on trending growth and decline from any new or existing trend report.

A Trend report is one that has a Label field, a Value field and a Date field, plotting value over time, for example, this report shows number of Jobs by Client monthly for the year:


Trend reports can also be charted so the table above looks like this:


Rolling Reports

Whereas standard trend reports show the value by month which is useful for reporting pure quantity by month, Rolling Reports allow you to see how each month grows or shrinks from the previous month.

The Rolling Reports option is available from the Options menu for the report:


Ticking this options will plot the report by the timeframe selected (in this case monthly) however will add the current month to the sum of the previous month giving you a rolling trend of the data.

For the example above, this would look like this:


And in chart form will look like this:


So if you want to trend growth over the period of the report, you can use Rolling Reports and this can be used for Dashboards, Big Screens and via the reporting API.