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Help Topic: Entering Expenses on the App

You can now enter Expenses via the Tracker OTM (On The Move) App for Android and iOS.

To enter Expenses, tap the Timesheets option on the main menu to open your timesheet where you will see the option to enter an expense (assuming that the Candidate has access to "Submit Expenses" in their Portal Settings.


This will open the Expenses page where you have the option to either:

  • Enter Manually - This will allow Candidates to enter their expense details manually by selecting the type of expense and entering the quality and values manually
  • Upload a Receipt - This will allow Candidates to either upload a photo or scan a receipt etc using their smartphone where Tracker's AI software will analyse the receipt and fill in the details of the expense automatically


Once either option has been selected (and optionally scanned), the details of the expense will be presented allowing for final changes to be made such as the expense type being selected.


This can then be saved where it will be shown in the main timesheet for the date the expense relates:


The color of the value indicates the approval status of the expense, as follows:

  • Pending
  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Rejected

To open, amend or delete and existing Expense, tap on it in the main timesheet to open.  Note that only Pending or Rejected expenses can be amended or deleted.  You can view and delete any attachments uploaded also such as the receipt originally scanned: