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Help Topic: Jobs Lite

Jobs Lite is a free to use Jobs Page that our clients can use to display all their "open" published jobs quickly and easily with no coding!

Jobs Lite can be accessed using the following link urls:

Note: Ask your Client Success Manager or our Live Chat Team for your {clientdatabasename} and replace this in the links below.

US Clients{clientdatabasename}/MyLiteList

UK Clients{clientdatabasename}/MyLiteList

CA Clients{clientdatabasename}/MyLiteList

This provides the following features and benefits:

  • Instantly be live and displaying your "open" published jobs
  • Offers some customisation (color and logo) and filtering on keywords, location and work type
  • Allows your Candidates to both Submit Resumes or Register for a Job
  • Provide a landing page for each published Job


Landing Page from within a Job

To make it easier for you to use the landing pages for each Job in external posting such as social media, you will also see a link to the Jobs Lite page for each job at the bottom of the Job Posting section in the Job record.

There is also a link to the main Jobs Lite site for you to use.



By default, the Jobs Lite site will use your uploaded logo for the main Tracker application and the background color selected in Tools & Settings > Display Settings ? App Background Color.  Adjusting this will adjust the color of the entire Jobs Lite site.


Custom Registration Links

If you are using a custom registration link (such as a form on your website or a Tracker Web Form), you can still specify this in Tools & Settings > Job Settings > Job Boards > Registration Override.  This will redirect the Apply Now button on the Jobs Lite page to the custom link specified.