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Help Topic: Automatic Job Applicant Email

Tracker provides the option to customize and send applicants an email when they apply to a job that you've posted either to your own website, a Jobs+ site or a Jobs Lite microsite. Also, this will be sent when a candidate performs a general application which isn't for a particular position.

An automatic email will be sent to applicants only if a system template is created.

Creating a Standard Template

Navigate to Tools & Settings | Customization | Standard Templates

Click the green plus sign to create a new Standard Template:

Make sure you select 'Candidate' as the Association:

Once the template is created, on the right side under Association, be sure to select 'Registration Response' as the System Template:

Next you can customize the subject line as well as the body of the email:



Candidate Experience

Once a candidate applies either by Manual Registration Form or by clicking and dragging their resume into the system, the candidate will now receive an email response on your behalf since you have a Template set as your Registration Response.  

You should expect your candidates to receive one email confirmation per unique job application. If they apply to the same job more than once, only one email confirmation will be sent.