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Help Topic: Flagged Working Candidates

When a Candidate is placed or put on assignment as Working, the Contract Start Date and Contract End Date fields in the Candidates record will be updated with the Start and End Dates of the Placement.

These dates can be found in the Candidate's Human Resources section.

This acts as a useful reference when inside a Candidate record and will clear down when the Candidate is moved to a Completed status such as Assignment Completed or Terminated.  They can also be updated manuaully if required once Placed.

If Candidates are placed onto a Shortlist but are already on another active Placement where the date is between those of the Contract Start and End Dates above then they will appear with a warning next to them to tell the Consultant that this Candidate may already be working:

Note: Only Candidates in active shortlist statuses will be affected, so Candidates in a Rejected, Working or Complete status already will not show this.

Hovering over the symbol will show the details of the other Placement found along with the currect Contract Start and End Dates.


This symbol does not affect your ability to process the Candidate in the normal way but alerts you to a potential conflict in your shortlist for Candidates already marked as working.