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Help Topic: Web Forms on Candidate Portal

You can now publish Web Forms on the Candidate Potal allowing Candidates to self-complete and shared Web Form themselves without the need to have them sent to them.

This is useful in allowing Candidates to update their personal details at any time, declare availability of even upload an updated copy of their Resume.

To share a Web Form to the Candidate Portal, open an existing Web Form or create a new one at Tools & Settings > Onboarding > Web Forms


The Web Form must be Associated to "Candidate" in order to show in the Candidate Portal.

Please note that Candidates must have the Documents & Forms option set to Yes to able able to access Web Forms and Documents on the Candidate Portal:


On the Candidate Portal, this list all available Web Forms under the Documents & Forms menu option:


On clicking this option a list of existing Documents and Web Forms will be displayed, along with the previous option to upload documents:


When the Candidate clicks the "Click to Complete" button, they will be able to complete and submit the Web Form in the same way as if it had been sent to them.  All workflow and quarantine rules will contiue to be actioned and followed according to the rules defined on the Custom Form.

Example: Simple Availability Form