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Help Topic: Using Merge Fields in RightSignature

Citrix RightSignature allows for using a feature called 'Merge Fields' within Tracker RMS. This gives users of our product the ability to auto-populate fields within forms created inside of RightSignature.

The key to using Merge Fields is to ensure the field names created on the template match the tags used in Tracker precisely and specific to the record type where you are trying to send the template.

For example, if we want to send a form from a Shortlist (associated to a Placement Candidate) we would defer to these tags which you can find when creating a template with this association:

When entering your Merge Fields into RightSignature, DO NOT include brackets around the value in the list above. For example:

Resource Firstname should be entered exactly as it is shown in the field list ("Resource Firstname"), not as it appears in the Tracker template. 

Fill out the remaining Merge Fields and save your RightSignature Template. Your most recently saved Form will now be available within Tracker.

As you can see, when you Prepare the Form your Merge Fields are now filled in:

Your candidate will receive a notifiation from RightSignature that they have a document to review and sign: