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Help Topic: New User Experience 2022

The User EXperience (UX) has been refreshed to provide:

  • An overall improvement to the UI to make information clearer to view
  • Better use of the screen’s real estate to provide more information
  • More use of the customizable colors within each record type
  • A new Summary panel showing key information about records
  • A new side panel for Quick View, displaying more information on screen
  • Cleaner lines and a softer interface when for entering data
  • Better menu navigation with drop-out menus


Improved Look & Feel

The new Look & Feel provides:

  • Better use of screen "real estate"
  • No wasted space
  • Clearer use of record colors
  • More information on the page
  • Record blocks more clearly spaced and color coded heading


New Record Header

Tabs and buttons have moved to the top bar to make them accessible all the time and free up screen space.  When using the "Fixed Record Header" option, this ensures that the tabs and buttons remain at the top of the page all the time.


New Summary Panel

  • A new Summary Panel shows key information, statistics and contact information
  • Different record types show different, relevant information
  • Summary Panel can be toggled on/off as required using the first icon on the icon bar


New Quick View/Placement Panel

  • Quick View/Placement Panel now full height on right hand side providing more information
  • Color coding to make it clear what records are being viewed
  • Tabs on the top bar to free up space