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Help Topic: WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Setup

Tracker now supports an integration for WhatsApp Business which will allow you to:

  • Send formatted messages to Contacts and Candidates
  • Receive message replies from WhatsApp
  • Manage Business Initiated Messages and non-Business Initiated Messages

In order to setup WhatsApp Business in Tracker, please follow these instructions:

  1. If not already done, go to the WhatsApp Business Platform to setup a Cloud API account (
  2. Logon to your WhatsApp Business Platform where you will require the following to setup WhatsApp Business initially:
    1. Your Business Account Number
    2. Your Permanent Access Token
  3. In Tracker, go to Tools & Settings > Application Settings > Telephone & Text Settings
  4. Enter the details from Step 2 in the WhatsApp Settings field and click Save Settings

Setting up an "opener" template

If you are not using Business Initiated Messages (the ability to send a message without prior consent) then you will need to setup an "opener" template.  This is an approved template that can be sent ahead of your actual message to request consent from the recipient.

This template should be simple, concise and generic such that it will inform the recipient that you have a message for them.