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Help Topic: How to Create a Sales Dashboard

Please watch the below video on how to create a Sales Dashboard:

Sales Widgets Explained:

Conversion % YTD

  • Conversion % YTD is built off of job data.
  • It sums the Estimated Job Value and the count of jobs that are in each job state (Won, Open and Lost), for each month.
  • This is on a rolling year basis. When this dashboard was built it was during the month of February 2024. That is why we're seeing the Conversion % YTD from March 2023 - Feb 2024.
  • The date range is always going to use Job Award Date from within the job record.

Sales vs. Target THIS MONTH

  • On the left - this will show you the value target you set (smaller black tick line) vs the actual value reached (longer tick line)
  • On the right - this will show you the volume target you set vs the actual volume reached "This Month"
  • This is based off of the job value in any job that is in a "Won" status, using Job Owner Role 1

Sales Target Forecast

  • This widget will only populate data if you have a target set
  • Sales Target - The Amount you set
  • Won Business - The Value of Jobs Won
  • Gap - This is the gap between the Target and Won Business
  • % of Target Achieved - (Won Business / Sales Target) x 100
  • % of the Year - This is the % of the way through the year. For example, at Feb 13, 2024 - we are 44 days through the year
  • Hot Prospects (+50%) Probability - This is the sum of the Job Value in Open or Renewal States
  • Factored Value of Hot Prospects - This would give the percentage for 50% Probability  of Hot Prospects