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Help Topic: Record Counts and Paging in Lists

Record Counts

When viewing any of the main lists, you will be told how many records are displayed at the top of the list itself, along with the type of record and the name of the system view or saved view, for example:

This tells me that there are 165 Clients in the "All Clients" list.

If I change the list, for example selecting "My Clients" from the main menu, this may change:

If I choose to filter the list myself using the Filter bar, then this will show me how many records were found using the filters I set:

If I view a previously saved view then the name of that Saved View will appear:


Paging in Lists

If you want to move from page to page within a main list, you can use the Page Navigator which is located at both the top and the bottom of the main lists.

This shows you the page you are currently on (in this case Page 1), the total number of pages (in this case 4 Pages) and a left and right button that will move you forwards or backwards 1 page at a time.

If you want to skip forwards or backwards more than 1 page at a time, you can click the middle of the Page Navigator to display a list of up to 10 pages forwards and 10 pages backwards and jump directly to that page.

Example 1: From Page 1 of 4 Pages, it will look like this:

Example 2: From Page 10 of 28 Pages, it will look like this: