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Help Topic: Linking the Candidate Registration to your website

Portal Addresses

The Candidate Registration Address will differ based on whether your system is hosted in the US or UK environments and your Account Manager will be able to confirm this for you.

  • For the US, the address will be
  • For the UK, the address will be
  • For CA, the address will be

Note: The clientdatabase will be a unique name given to each client and can be obtained from your Account Manager.


Embedding the Registration Page into your website

If you want to embed the Candidate Registration into your existing website then you can use an "iframe" to provide a window to the Candidate Registration into any web page on your site.

An example of this iframe web code would look like this:

<iframe id="iframeTracker" src="" width="100%" height="1000" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>