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Help Topic: Enabling Windows Notifications

To enable TrackerRMS Notifications within Windows, there are a number of steps to take.

  1. When prompted in the browser, click to Allow notifications from Chrome and TrackerRMS (e.g.
  2. Ensure your Windows Notification Settings allow notifications from Chrome

This will ensure that notifications for upcoming activities are alerted in both the browser and Windows Notification Center.


Browser Notification Settings

Ensure that when prompted, you "Allow" notifications from TrackerRMS.


Windows Settings

Go to your Windows Settings and search for "Notifications & action settings" and ensure this option is selected:

Also ensure that Google Chrome (or Edge) has the ability to send notifications:

To ensure all alerts are seen, go to the Focus Assist settings and set this according to your preferences, however to see all alerts, set these as follows:


Google Chrome Settings

If you want to adjust your notification settings at anytime within Google Chrome (or Edge Chromium) then here are some useful links you can open in the Chrome browser:

Enable/Disable Native Notifications


View/Allow/Block individual notification sites