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Help Topic: What is Discover?

What Is Discover?

1. The Discover Section is located on your menu bar and is a “Magnifying Glass Icon”. This is where you can search inside and outside TrackerRMS. “Power Search” will bring you to the Power Search page where you can use Keywords, Phrases and Boolean Strings to Search Record Types as well as other Items.

2. The next option “LinkedIn Search” gives you the capability to search LinkedIn using Keywords, someone’s name or Boolean Strings. Your Search Results will appear in the middle of your screen, and from here you can create Candidates and Contacts right from the results.

3. “Job Board Search” will only be accessible if you already have Contracts with specific Job Boards. To run a Search on the Job Board, fill in all your criteria and click “Run Search”. At the top of your Results you will be able to see which Job Boards were searched and how many results populated from each one. Click the “Down Arrow” to the right of the green “Shortlist” button on the Candidate to either “Longlist” the Candidate or to “View Resume”.