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Help Topic: Sending a Single Text

This lesson shows you how to send a single Text Message

  1. You can either be in a contact record or a candidate record to send a message. Go to the cell phone subject text field and you’ll see a cell phone icon. When you hover over it will say “Send a Text” go ahead and click on that. Keep in mind, you can only send text messages to numbers listed in the 'Cell Phone' field.


  1. That will bring a send a text prompt. In the body of the message, it will say from and your company name. If you would like to leave that for your text message that you’re sending, go ahead and start typing right after that. If not, highlight it and backspace and it will be removed.

  1. Now you can type up your text message. You’ll see that the body of your text message will turn into the subject of your text message. The subject will not send out with that text message, but it will save your activity with that subject. So, if you would like to change it highlight over it and type in that subject field.



  1. You can also set up a reminder by using the buttons on the bottom of the pop-up window. Once you have decided which fields you would like to personalize to your text message go ahead and press “Send.”


  1. If you go to history and activities, you will see the text message will have been sent successfully.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:


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