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Help Topic: Installing the LinkedIn Extension

This lesson covers the LinkedIn Chrome Extension and how to install 

This new Google Chrome sidebar tool to capture individual candidates and contacts and import them directly into your TrackerRMS system.  You can connect LinkedIn directly to TrackerRMS allowing you to work exclusively within LinkedIn and view people in our feature rich sidebar.


People can be imported directly into TrackerRMS as either Contacts or Candidates and assigned directly to your Job Shortlist or Long List. All without leaving LinkedIn and you don't even need to be logged into TrackerRMS at the time!

Features include:

  • Ability to view comprehensive “resume” level data for anyone on the current page
  • Collapsible sections to make the record readable and review-able
  • Adoption the ever-popular “dark” theme as per our Outlook Addin
  • Ability to Import as a Contact or Candidate
  • Created Candidates have full job history loaded alongside any of the fields on the page which can be reviewed and updated as required before importing
  • Created Contacts will be linked to existing Clients if found or a new one automatically created
  • Both Contacts’ and Candidates’ pictures are now also imported providing a near identical record in Tracker

New features in v1.3.3:

  • New - ability to assigned to a Job and choose either Short or Long List
  • New - check-back function to see if the person already exists in Tracker
  • New - “Open in Tracker” button to open found records directly

Works with the following LinkedIn subscriptions:

  • LinkedIn Basic (Free)
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • LinkedIn Recruiter

To download your free LinkedIn Extension, please go to: