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Help Topic: Previewing a Profile in the LinkedIn Extension

This lesson explains how to Preview a Profile in the LinkedIn Extension

If you are already looking at a profile, then this will load into the sidebar automatically and you will see a profile like this:

In order to best locate a potential match within TrackerRMS, it is necessary to show all contact information for the profile you are viewing which you can bring up on the page by clicking the “see contact info” link located in the header of their profile:

This will show additional information where available such as phone, email, LinkedIn profile address, date of birth and some other information if applicable. These are used in combination to see if this person already exists in Tracker as either a Contact, Candidate or User. These are hidden fields so can only be seen clicking the above link.

Once this information is on screen, click the “Preview” button to refresh the details and search Tracker:

If the person exists on Tracker you will see an updated message like this:

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