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Help Topic: Importing a Candidate with the LinkedIn Extension

This lesson explains how to import a Candidate via the LinkedIn Chrome Extension

To import a Candidate into Tracker first ensure that all the details you want imported are correct in the fields in the side panel. All fields can be edited to ensure the information is how you want it before it is sent to Tracker. There is a “Show/Hide” button to expand additional fields should you wish to see or populate these also.

Then, when you are happy with the information, click the “Import” button at the top of the side panel where you can select the type of record to create (Contact or Candidate) along with the optional job to add them to (either Short List or Long List). For Contact imports, you have the option to create an associated Lead record at the same time.

Once the options are selected, click “Import to TrackerRMS” and wait for the confirmation.


Opening a record in Tracker from LinkedIn

Should the person already exist in Tracker, you can open the record directly from the side panel by clicking the “Open in TrackerRMS” button. This will open a new tab with the record found.

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