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Help Topic: Lead Settings

This lesson explains all of the settings for Lead Settings

To change the settings for your Leads, you will need to click on your name at the top right hand corner of the screen, goto Tools & Settings and from the Applications section on the left of the page, select Lead & Campaign Settings. 


Lead Prefix

The Lead Prefix here is L which will be followed by the Lead Number.  If you change the naming convention for a Lead, you may enter the first Letter here to change the Prefix

Copy Lead Items to Job


Should you wish to transfer all of the information added at the Lead record, to the Job when you convert the Lead, you may select 'Yes, copy all items to Job' from this dropdown.  If you want to ignore all of the Lead information and start with a blank Job, select 'No, create blank Job'. 

Auto-Create Job

As you progress through your Lead, you can opt to Auto-Create a Job and certain points, or statuses.  If you wish to automatically open a Job record when you first open the Lead, select 'When Lead Opened' from the dropdown.  If you prefer to wait until you have Qualified the Lead, you can select 'When Lead Qualified' from the list and a Job will be automatically created when this status is reached.  If you wish to wait until the Lead moves to a status of Converted, please select 'When Lead Converted' from the list. 

Notify Department Users of Assignment

When a Lead is created, you can select here as to whether you want all of the Users in the Department the Lead has been associated to to be notified, or just the individual Owner.  Select the required option from the dropdown and hit Save changes at the top right of the screen.

Auto Qualify Leads at Score

In TrackerRMS there is an option to add a scoring function to help qualify your Lead, this is called MANDACT (Money, Authority, Need, Decision, Ability, Competition, Timing).  Each section has a score from 1-5 so when you hit a certain score, you can select to Auto-Qualify the Lead and convert to a Job when you reach a certain score.  Select the score from the dropdown and your Lead will convert when this is reached. If you don't wish to set a score, please leave as 'Do not auto-qualify'.


Lead Statuses

When you move through the Lead Cylce you will need to change the Status of the Lead to represent this.  In this example, there is a Status of 'Warm' which has a state of 'Open'.  You may change these Status names by clicking in to the row (as has been done above on the 'Warm' row and click 'Edit', or 'Delete' if it is not required.  To add a further Status, click 'New' and enter a Status Name, the order number for where you wish it to sit in the dropdown and the State: 

Open means that the Lead is still live, so would be the state for statuses such as Warm and /or Hot.  Closed would be used if the Lead is Lost.  Qualified can be used for a Status of 'Confirmed' as an example and Converted would be used for a Status which represents that the Job is going ahead.