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Help Topic: How to use Microsoft Teams with Click-to-Call

Although Microsoft Teams do not currently support an API for dialing out, if you have Microsoft Teams installed, and a domestic or international calling plan as part of your Office365 subscription then you can take advatange of Click-to-Call within TrackerRMS.

Setup in TrackerRMS

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Telephone & Text Settings and set the Telephony System to Automatic (this is the default setting)
  2. Click Save Settings

Setup in Windows

  1. Click the Windows Menu (the flag) and then click the Settings icon 
  2. In the search bar, type "default app for each protocol" and select the option displayed
  3. On the left had list, scroll down until you find the TEL protocol
  4. On the right of this protocol, ensure that Microsoft Teams is selected

Making a Call within TrackerRMS

Once these settings have been configured, you can now use the click-to-call button next to the phone number fields to dial out via Microsoft Teams

This will present you with the click-to-call popup at the bottom of the screen:

Clicking the Call button will trigger Microsoft Teams to prompt you to confirm th dial-out:

This will act like any other outbound call from Microsoft Teams


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