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Help Topic: Linking Broadbean to TrackerRMS for Job Board Post

Broadbean Technology | SilkRoad Technology

We support full integration with Broadbean allowing you to post jobs directly from TrackerRMS to any of your subscribed Job Boards.

We also collect all applicants as they apply and alert you immediately so you can react to these accordingly.

Applicants are "quarantined" in Tracker allowing you to review then and decide if they are suitable for the role to which they applied, or any other job currently being fulfilled.  You can then choose to either:

  • Shortlists the Applicant to the current Job
  • Long list the Applicant to the current Job
  • Keep the Applicant in TrackerRMS but not Shortlist or Long List to the current Job
  • Send the Applicant an email e.g. a rejection email (Applicant will not be stored in TrackerRMS)

Linking your Broadbean Account

To link your Broadbean account to TrackerRMS, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click My Settings at the top right of TrackerRMS to open your settings page
  2. Click the PlugIns link on the right hand menu to scroll down to the PlugIns section
  3. Find the Broadbean PlugIn and switch it on
  4. You will be prompted to enter your Broadbean AdCourier Username, Password and Client Secret
  5. To obtain your Client Secret, please contact and ask for this key
  6. You will also need to request that they associate your account to our API Key of 2910420998
  7. Click Ok

Add the Web Posting & Applicants Block to your Jobs

Assuming you have access to the Layout Designer, please follow these instructions to ensure you have the Publish and Applicants blocks to your Job layout.

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of TrackerRMS and select Tools & Settings
  2. Under the Customization section, click the Layout Designer option
  3. Select your layout (normally Recruiter) and then the Record Screen for Jobs
  4. You can create new Tabs for "Publish" and "Applicants" if you wish but ensure the both of these Blocks are included somewhere in your layout
  5. Changes are saved automatically as you drag and drop layout designer blocks

Posting a Job via Broadbean

To post a job via Broadbean, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open the Job and go to the Publish tab (as added in the steps above)
  2. Ensure that as many fields as possible are populated as this will save you having to re-type these later
  3. If any changes are made, ensure you click Save Only to commit these changes to Tracker before posting the Job
  4. Click Publish to Job Boards from the Publish page


  1. You will be asked to confirm the Job Board User to post from, in case you are posting on behalf of a colleage, and click Post


  1. This will automatically open the Broadbean posting page where you can complete the job board specific fields.  Fill all fields you are prompted to, clicking Continue at each stage in the posting process


  1. As applicants apply from the various job boards, you will receive alerts automatically


  1. To view and process these Applicants, open the Job and go to the Applicants list that you added in the Layout Designer


  1. Click on the Applicants' name to view the resume submitted during application
  2. Use the Action Menu to Shortlist, Long List or just Keep the candidate, or use Send Email to send an email (candidate will not be added to TrackerRMS)

  1. The yellow link button will appear next to the Candidate's name if TrackerRMS believes it may already have Candidate and click this button will display the TrackerRMS record found to confirm.