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Help Topic: Resume Search

Resume Search

1. Click Into an Open Job

  • Once you're in the job you would like to search candidates for, click into the Longlist to begin the resume search

2. Resume Search

  • Here you have the option to perform a basic semantic search, or a more advanced boolean search
  • Tracker offers both options as some of our recruiters prefer the advanced search option
  • Enter in all words/phrases, any one word/phrase, or none of these words/phrases to begin your search

  • Remember to hit Enter after typing the word or phrase- words and phrases are defined by where the red X ends 
  • For example, I added the word Java, and the phrase Java Developer

  • If you have any job boards integrated, you can also choose to search those by adding them here

  • You can also choose to only search Job Boards and not TrackerRMS by checking off this box

  • Once you have added all of your search criteria, select Run Search

  • You will then receive this popup showing you how many candidates were found with the search term 'Java' in TrackerRMS and LinkedIn
  • You can either select Fetch Longlist to start your vetting process, or Search Again to add more criteria/find more candidates