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Help Topic: Candidate Search / Advanced Search

Candidate Search / Advanced Search

1. Click Into an Open Job

  • Find the tab where your Longlist is located
  • Since TrackerRMS is completely customizable, this may not be labeled or located in the same place as this example

2. Candidate Search

  • On the right side of your screen you will see an option to perform a candidate search
  • You can input a radius, salary/rate, when the candidate's resume was last updated, and work type

3. Advanced Search

  • You can narrow your search even further with the Advanced Search option

  • You can select criteria for the advanced search for TrackerRMS or for all job boards


  • Since Tracker is customizable you can add/remove any of these advanced search options to whatever you'd like
  • For example you can create an advanced search option where you define whether or not a candidate has pink hair

  • Once you have entered in your advanced search criteria you can hit Run Search

  • You can then select to Fetch Longlist to continue your vetting process or select Search Again to add more criteria