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Help Topic: Long List Quick View

Long List Quick View

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

1. Long List Quick View

  • Click on the eye icon at the far right of your longlist search results

  • If you don't see the eye icon, you may need to add it under columns

2. Resume Tab

  • Allows you to quickly view the candidate's resume

3. Keywords Tab

  • Allows you to view any keywords you used in your search, it will highlight those keywords

4. Job History Tab

  • Shows the candidate's job history, summarized

5. Activity

  • Shows any past activity that anyone may have had with the candidate

6. Listings

  • Gives you insight on any placements, shortlists, or send lists the candidate may currently be added to

7. Summary

  • Provides an overall summary of the candidate's profile

8. Notes

  • This is a section for any notes that may have been taken about the candidate

9. Executive Summary

  • This section allows you to shortlist the candidate, toggle through other candidates in quick view, un-dock the candidate to look at others side by side, and print