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Help Topic: How to convert a Job to an Assignment/Project

This lesson explains how to convert a Job to an Assignment/Project

*Please note, our Clients have different variations on the naming convention for an Assignment, such as Project, as in the video below.


  1. Once the job status has been moved to “Placed” or “On Assignment.” Make sure to go into the shortlist and click into the placement record.

  1. Then click on the financial tab and fill out the financial details as well as the placement start dates and end dates. Then click on “Save.”

     3. You will also want to update the job dates & values so that they align with the updated placement by selecting: Action> "Update Job Dates and Values.”



      4. Go over to the right click on the action menu and then click on “Covert to Project/Assignment.”

A pop up will appear and go ahead and click on “Yes.” You have now converted this job into a project.