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Help Topic: How to create a campaign send list

This lesson explains how to create a Campaign Send List

  1. Hover over campaigns and go to either “My Hot List” or “My Send List” whatever you chose to name your list.


  1. When you click on that button you will have a button the right side that says, “Add New Hot List.”

  1. A pop up will appear with information you will need to fill out. Go ahead and tailor that information to your specific needs. Once you the information needed for this send list click “Ok.”

  1. You will then see your new send list listed. You can also create a send list by doing a filter of your candidates or your contacts by creating it directly from that section. To do so, hover over candidates and click on all candidates, you’ll then use your filter to find the candidates you’re looking for, type in your specified candidate details then hit “Go.”

  1. You’ll then get all your candidates from those specified details you typed in, to create a new send list from here, click on the white boxes to the left of the candidates or click the select all white box to select all the candidates on this specific list. Once you have done so click on the action button and click “Add Recipients to a Hot List” or to add the entire list click on add everyone.

  1. You’ll then get another pop up to fill out more information. Go ahead and fill out those same details and then click “Ok.”


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