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Help Topic: How to add and create a Custom Form

This lesson explains how to add and create a Custom Form


In addition to the following field types used in the video:

  • Tick Box
  • Signature Field
  • Text Field
  • Date Field

There are also these additional fields:

  • Multi-line Text Field
  • Option Groups 

Multi-line Text Fields are perfect for capturing paragraphs of information where a single line is not sufficient, and the Option Groups allow people completing the form to select one of multiple options.  To make this more useful, we have provided up to 4 different option groups to use when creating new custom forms.


Example Document before completion using Red, Blue and Green as 'Options' and 'Multi-line Text Field' for the describe yourself section:

After completion:


Completed forms are still instantly sent to both the sender and completer in PDF format and stored within Tracker as a PDF document in the record from which the custom form was sent.