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Help Topic: Arranging Custom Fields

Arranging Custom Fields

1. Click Into Tools & Settings

  • Located at the top right of your screen by clicking on your name


  • Click on the Customization tab on your left, and select Custom Fields

2. Arrange Custom Fields

  • You can have your custom fields fall under multiple headers, or under one header
  • If you choose to have them all under one header, you would want to make sure that all custom fields are under the same block
  • For example, the Client record Primary field block has all custom fields listed

  • Therefore they will all fall under the first item listed under Custom Fields, in this case the first item is 'Client Items'
  • Usually you want the first custom field to have the type Heading, so it's larger than the rest of the custom fields in the record

  • See how in the client record, the 'Client Items' Heading field is larger than the rest

  • To rearrange custom fields, you can drag and drop them above or below each other

  • If you want to have multiple headings, you could create a custom field with the Type 'Heading' under the Secondary Field Block

  • You can then view the Secondary custom field heading 'Client Success Items' below the Primary custom field heading 'Client Items'

  • If you want the Secondary Custom Field Block to be above the Primary, you can rearrange these under Layout Designer
  • Click back into Tools & Settings

  • Select the Customization tab and Layout Designer

  • Locate the Custom Field Block 2, and move it above Custom Field Block 1

  • You can then view how this rearranged the custom fields layout in the client record


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