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Help Topic: Campaign Settings

This lesson explains the Settings for your Campaigns.

To get to Campaign Settings, click into your name at the top, right hand corner of the screen and goto Tools & Settings.  In the Application Settings section on the left of the screen, you will see Lead & Campaign Settings in the list. 

Campaign Result Types

Campaign Result Types are used for Telesales Campaigns only, so when you have made a call, you may then select one of these pre-set Result Types.  To edit what is already listed, or to delete a Result Type, click into the row and use the buttons to the right.  To add a new Result Type, click the green 'New' button and enter the Campaign Result Name.

Send List Types

You may create various Send List Types if required.  If there is a Type for Telesales and a Type for Client Contacts for instance and you only need to view the Telesales Type, you can select this from the filter in the 'All Send Lists' view.  To add a new Send List Type, click the green 'New' button and create a name. 

Campaign Email Settings

Please see Campaign DNS Settings Article for more information.


Sequences Email Settings

Please see Sequences DNS Settings Article for more information.