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Help Topic: Personalizing Campaign Subject and Content

Personalizing Campaign Subject and Content

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

1. Click Into Campaigns

  • Hover over the Campaigns record and click into All Campaigns

  • Select the green + New Campaign button on the far right of your screen

2. Personalize the Campaign Subject

  • Add in the campaign name, and select the campaign format

  • Make sure to hit Ok and Edit so you can continue working on the campaign

  • Click into the subject area to add personalization

  • Here you can insert tags to automatically pull information from candidate's records, so the message seems personalized

  • For example, if I use the [[Display As]] tag it will pull in the candidate's name

3. Personalize the Campaign Content

  • You can include tags in the content of the campaign, further personalizing your message

  • For example, I added the First Name tag to pull from the candidate's record

  • Click into Insert Actions to further personalize this message

  • Here you can add a file link

  • You can upload a document or select one from your Document Library

  • You can also add a button

  • The last option available is inserting an Unsubscribe link within your message