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Help Topic: Using the Campaign Builder

Using the Campaign Builder

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

1. Click Into Campaigns

  • Hover over the Campaigns record and click into All Campaigns

  • Select the green + New Campaign button on the far right of your screen

2. Using the Campaign Builder

  • Add in the campaign name, and select the campaign format

  • Make sure to hit Ok and Edit so you can continue working on the campaign
  • Select the drop down arrow in the Builder option in the message section of the email

  • That way you can select a builder template

  • You can also select Builder to open the email builder and start from scratch

  • Once you have selected your template, you'll pop into the email builder and can begin to edit your content using the columns to your right

  • You can edit Content such as text, images, inserting buttons, dividers etc.


  • You can alter the layout of your rows

  • You can also edit the settings such as the content area width, background color, content background color, or default font etc.

  • Once you're finished editing, make sure to hit Save