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Help Topic: Overview of Sequences


This lesson gives an overview of the Sequencing Functionality.

The sequencing function is based on allowing a sequence of emails or text messages to be authored, and a schedule or sequence created that will automatically send these out based on the timings of the sequence. 

We will be using the existing template function for email and text authoring with the addition of campaign style tracking, so we can monitor the responses and reactions to your communications.

This could be used for on-boarding sequences such as:

  1. 7 days before they start, send them an information email about where they need to be and when
  2. 1 day before send them an email with "Are you ready for your first day?" and the name of the person they are meeting
  3. On the morning of their first day, send them a "Good luck on your first day!" text message
  4. After 3 days, ask they "How things are going?" by text message

Or you can use this for business development, sending emails to promote goods and services you are keen for your select clients to see:

  1. Send an initial promotional email
  2. If no reply after 7 days send a polite reminder email
  3. If no replay after 7 further days send a "thank you anyway" email and close the sequence

Once they "react" to your email or text (reply or click a link etc) we will stop the sequence automatically and our in-built workflow will create a Task, create a Lead, add them to a list etc in order to progress within TrackerRMS.

We also have in-built sentiment analysis so we will assess whether replies are positive or negative in nature and act accordingly, for example:

"Please remove me from your list", or "I do not want to know about your product"

would result in a negative reaction, despite being a reply, whereas:

"Please tell me more", or "Call me to discuss"

would result in a positive reaction we would want to pursue.

The workflow rules for reactions and what we do in each eventuality is fully in your control!

For more details on the different types of sequences, please click one of the links below: (You'll review these in the proceeding lessons as well)

Sequences - Business Development

Sequences - Onboarding

These links are shareable (will not be an academy lesson - so you can bookmark them as well if you need to refer back)


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