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Help Topic: How to send a Business Development Sequence to a contact

This lesson explains how to send a Business Development Sequence to a Contact.

There are 2 key ways you can start a sequence for one or more contacts

  • Open a contact record and use the "Start Sequence" option on either the Action Menu or the Sequences list

  • Go to the contacts list and select one or more contacts, then use the "Start Sequence for the selected Contacts" option

  • If you have a filtered list of contacts than span over multiple pages you can select any one contact on the list, then use the "Start a Sequence for Everyone listed" which will enrol everyone across all pages into a sequence (in this example, all 280 contacts listed will be enrolled)

Once any of these options are selected, you will be asked to confirm which sequence to enrol the contact(s) into and also confirm the date and time the sequence should start.

The "Send From" option on the page above provides you with 2 options to send from.

  • My Own Mail Account - Sending from your own mail server is ideal for smaller sequence emails where you want to send more personalised emails to only a select few recipients per day. Emails will be sent using your own mail server using your own email account, and therefore we will be unable to process any replies and assess positive or negative sentiment if these conditions are being used in your Sequence Template.
  • The TrackerRMS Sequencer - Sending from the TrackerRMS Sequencer is ideal for sales based sequencing as it allows you to send as many emails as you wish without breaching your mail server send restrictions. The email will be sent by our domain however the name and reply to details will still be yours, much like our campaigner. We will also receive any replies to your emails on your behalf allowing us to assess the positive or negative sentiment if these conditions are being used in your Sequence Template.  Emails sent back to this address are still forwarded to you and logged within Tracker so you will not miss any replies.

On selecting the preferences and clicking "Ok", the sequence is started and can be seen in the Sequences list within the contact record.

The columns are customizable in this list as with others within Tracker and show the current status of any sequence that this contact is enrolled into.  It also shows the status, and key dates for the sequence.  Clicking the icon to the right of the list will load the details of the sequence into the Timeline window where you can see which steps have been run and what step is scheduled to run next.

The next step to run is shown as a faded step with the "Due on dd Mmm yy" date visible so that you can tell when the next step is due and what step that will be.

For steps that have completed, you will be able to see precisely when it was sent, when it was opened, and if any link in the email is clicked, which link that was and when it was clicked.  If the email bounces or the recipient opts out of the sequence, these details are also recorded in the Timeline.

If a sequence is stopped due to a stop rule, this will also show in the Timeline, detailing the cause or rule that stopped it, as in the example below.