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Help Topic: Overview of the KnowledgeBase

This lesson details what the KnowledgeBase is and how to utilize it.

The KnowledgeBase can be found within the Discover Tab in TrackerRMS.


The KnowledgeBase is used to store Articles which are relevant to you as a Business, therefore, if an Employee ever needs to refer to any of the saved Articles, they can do so by quickly accessing them here.  The Articles can also be shared on the Portal if you wish Contacts or Candidates to view them from within their Portal login screen. 

You can choose who has the privilege to Edit the KnowledgeBase within User Groups, so you may want a certain group to only have the option to view the Articles, rather than create any.  You may save as many Articles to the KnowledgeBase as required and also have as many folders as necessary in order to keep relevant Articles together.  When an Article is opened, you have the ability to 'Dock' which means you may keep the Article open and access further Articles and still be able to view the docked one.  Once docked, you also have the option to print.