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Help Topic: Adding a new Article Folder

This lesson explains how to add a new Folder for your Articles to be saved to.

You will need to have the privilege to 'Edit KnowledgeBase Articles' within your User Group in order to add a new Article Folder, so if this option isn't available, you will need to contact your Administrator, or Client Success Manager for them to give you access. 

Hover over the Discover Tab and select 'KnowledgeBase' from the dropdown.

In the top, right hand corner of the screen you should see the 'New Article' button which you will need to click


You will then see the following Dialogue Box.  

The Green Plus Icon is where you need to click in order to add a new Folder and the Blue Pencil Icon can be used if you need to edit or delete a Folder already in your dropdown list. 

Click the Green Plus Icon

  • Add a Folder Name
  • If you want this Folder to be viewed by your Contacts and/or Candidates on the Portal, switch the 'Public Shared Folder' toggle to Yes
  • Hit OK

You will now see the Folder in the list to the left of the KnowledgeBase screen