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Help Topic: Sending Campaigns From the TrackerRMS Campaigner vs your Mail Server

1. Selecting the TrackerRMS Campaigner vs your Mail Server

  • Once you are ready to schedule your campaign, you will have the option to select the following 

  • We recommend using the TrackerRMS Campaigner tool as the Send From Option, as it will track all email activity (Emails opened, emails bounced etc.)
  • If you choose to use your own mail server settings, the email activity will not be trackable
  • If you would like to send the campaign using your own email address, even when selecting the TrackerRMS campaigner, you can find out more using this help article
  • This will require some technical expertise on your part to alter your DNS (Domain Name Services) file to include what are called DKIM records, and a minor update to your SPF record
  • Once you have completed this, your campaign will look better when received by your recipients and also increase the success of your campaign