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Help Topic: Creating an Internal Video Interview for a Candidate

This lesson explains how to create an Internal Interview for a Candidate

The process for creating a video interview for internal purposes versus a client's job is slightly different.  This section will focus on the sending of internal video interviews where the candidate will be completing the interview outside of any Job, for example as part of internal registration.

First, open the Candidate record to which the video interview relates.  There are 2 options for creating the video interview, one on the Action Menu as the other in the [+} menu above the candidate's Activities list.

In both menus, there will be a new "Video Interview" option that you can click.  This will open a new Video Interview activity window where you can confirm the interview template questions you wish to send to the candidate.

As this is an internal only interview, we will be selecting the "Internal Candidate Interview" for this activity.  Note that the dates and notes on this activity are for information only and do not get relayed to the candidate in any way.

Once the video interview template has been selected, you can send this directly to the candidate using the "Action" menu at the bottom of the interview activity and clicking "Send Video Interview by Email" option.

The email window will open as normal with the candidate details in the To field and you will be able to select your new template in order to populate the subject and body of the email.

This will customise the email to the candidate and automatically insert the video link for recording the interview.  

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