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Help Topic: Creating a Placement Video Interview from the Shortlist

This lesson explains how to create a Placement Interview from the Shortlist

The steps to send a video interview relating to a specific Job are largely the same as when sending an Internal Interview for a Candidate, however the interview is created from the shortlist or Placement record instead of the Candidate record.  Start by opening the Job and going to the Shortlist.  You can "Create Video Interview Activity" from either the shortlist card menu, or open the Placement record using the blue button and select it from the "Actions" menu within the Placement record.

This will open the new Video Interview activity window as before where the interview template questions can be selected before using the option on the Action menu at the bottom to send this to the Candidate.

The email window will appear as before however the new "Placement Video Interview Confirmation" template can be selected to provide further information to the candidate along with their video link.

All emails sent will be stored in the Activities list as with any other email sent out of Tracker and because this is an interview, the normal shortlist workflow will continue to process the status of both Placement and the Job depending on your workflow rules.

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