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Help Topic: How a Candidate completes a Video Interview

This lesson explains how a Candidate completes a Video Interview.

On receiving their video interview link, the candidate can record their interview using all major browsers and smart phones.

They will be initially presented with the following welcome message confirming the company, their name, the introduction text entered into the template and a series of notes that explain that we need to check that they have a webcam with sounds, and activate that in the browser if required.

On clicking [Begin Test], the browser will request access to both the web cam and microphone and prompt the candidate to allow access if asked. 

Please note that audio-only interviews are also supported should the candidate not have a web cam on the device they are using to record the video.  If no web cam or microphone are supported then the candidate can provide written answers if they wish.

On successfully accessing web cam and microphone etc, the candidate will be offered a tour of the video interview process.

On selecting [Yes Please] they will have a walk-through of each part of the screen, step by step.

When ready, they will record each of their answers for each question in your template with a clear timer at the top showing them how much time they have left to finish their answer.

On completing a question by clicking either [Finish Recording] or the timer running out, the question will turn green to show that it has been successfully completed.  

The video icon will also turn green to show that it has been successfully saved and clicking this green button will allow them to watch back their response and if, for example, they were not looking at the camera or stumbled over their answer, can delete it for re-recording.

Clicking the pencil icon next to each question will allow the candidate to add a note to the question and this note will be visible to anyone reviewing the interview at a later time.

When all questions have been answered, the [Submit Interview] button will appear, notifying the sender of the interview within Tracker than the interview has now been submitted and is ready for review.

The Candidate will be shown a thank you page and can now close their browser.