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Help Topic: How to play back and review a recorded Video Interview

This lesson explains how to play back and review a recorded Video Interview

Once a video interview has been completed, internal users of Tracker can review the interview, rate each question and leave comments that can be shared with others.

In order to see and review completed video interviews, you must first add a new column to your Activities list within the candidate record.  This new column is called "Video Interviews" and will display in the Activities list in the form of a play button.  Note that play buttons will only appear when recordings have been made.

Clicking the play button will open the Review Interview page allowing you to view each of the questions recorded and leave a rating and a comment against each.  You will also be able to see any comments left by other users and clients.

The rating system works in 2 ways, firstly you will see your own rating and an average at the top left of the review page.  Secondly you will see the overall average rating for each question as well as that of all questions and all reviews.  This provides a helpful guide as to how the whole team rate this candidate.