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Help Topic: How to send a Video Interview Internally or Externally for Review

This lesson explains how to send a Video Interview, Internally or Externally for review.

If you are running video interviews on behalf of a client, you may wish to send these to them to review, rate and comment themselves.  This can be done by simply clicking the [Send For Review...] button at the bottom of the Review Interview window.  This will popup a box asking you to type the name of the contact where you will be prompted with matching names.

When you have selected the person to send the interview to, click the [Send] button to open up a standard email window.  You can then select your "Send Video Interview for Review" template which will populate all the personal details for the person you are sending to.

Because there could be multiple reviewers for an interview, each link sent is required to be unique.  To ensure this is unique for the review you are sending, you will notice a new button on the email editor toolbar called "Insert Video Link".  Place the cursor in the body of the email at the point you want the link to appear (we left a line blank for this at the start) and click this button.  This will place the unique link into the email for you automatically.

The client can then use this link to externally review the interview via the client portal which looks and acts very similarly to the internal Review Interview window.  When they have completed their review, they click the [Review Complete] button which alerts the sender in Tracker that the client has submitted a review.